An Innovative New Dog Park Line
Turning Heads and Tails
Let's Take A Walk

Our Story

A Short Tail

We Began By Taking A Close Look At Existing Dog Parks And We Immediately Noticed Two Problems

Not much is new.
Manufacturers are not creating new designs. Even worse, the designs they use are just copies of what is already being made.

Products are ignored.
When you look at what dogs and their owners really enjoy doing outside, many products just don't match up so they go unused.

Then We Designed A Set Of New Products From Scratch

The result is a line of products designed specifically for the people and pets that use them. The bottom line is pretty obvious - better value.

Take a look at the brand new Me and My Pal Bench. Even outdoors, dogs like to spend time with their human best friends. Introducing the world's first bench designed for people and their canine buddies. Dogs can hop right up the steps and be close to the one they love.

Just Right For Distributors

Isn't all of this what good distributors are looking for? Something different? Something new? And one more thing...

They look pretty cool too!

Nobody likes boring. So if we're going to design a brand new product, why not give it visual appeal? What do you think?

Our Kits

Dog Park Kits That Make Sense

The Bone Yard


The Essentials


The Hound


The Bow Wow


The Dingo


The Pup


The Starter


Our Freestanding Products

Functionality and Practicality

Canine Condo


Me and My Pal Bench


Ramp and Steps


Starter Platform


Tunnel Run


6' Bench


Sky Crossing


Adventure Peak


Tug Around


Stepping Riser


Leash Post


Hoop Jump


Rules Sign


Teeter Totter


Adjustable Jump


Stepping Cluster


Bone Bin Trash Can


Pet Waste Station


Pet Waste Bags


Dog Wash Station


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